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Capture your guests in the heat of the moment!

Want to make your presentation or meeting an outstanding, unforgettable event? Our live, on-site photo service will give it an instant and long-lasting impact. Photos taken during the event will be in your hands moments later.

Our digital cameras are linked to a sophisticated printing system, which means photos of exceptional quality and our "seconds later" printing option. Simply ask your guests to give us a few minutes of their time for the shot. You can thus offer them, right there on site, a souvenir photo -- individual or group shots, photos of committees or of anything that strikes your fancy. It's up to you.

Sign those Magic Moments

Like your photos to be even more personalized? If you wish, we can insert the name of your firm, your company logo or a slogan.

Live Photo Albums

All the photos will be stored on a CD, which we give to you after taking the last shot of the event.

By means of a personal identification code, you will have access to your photos stored on our web site. The access code ensures the confidentiality of your photo files. You decide whether or not to let your guests, colleagues, clients or associates have access to the code. If you like, we can create several files, each with its own access code. You then decide who gets access to your photos.

Perfect Photo Ops

  • corporate events
  • galas
  • trade fairs
  • exhibitions
  • conventions
  • shows
  • seminars
  • festivals
  • etc.